Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fly guides attack 2

Recently the weather broke into a pattern favorable for sight fishing. Another guide and I decided to head out and film our antics. The afternoon fishing slot yields the best tides. I would leave the house between 9 and 10 am for some excellent sight fishing conditions.

 The Biloxi Marsh did not disappoint. Giant redfish crawled all over the deep water banks. If the water level was low enough to get out of the marsh grass the bite was on. Monster reds hug these banks looking for prey. These fish are Easy to spot and very aggressive.

The schools of Jack Cravelle are also on the move. Open water feeders these guys can be seen at distance. Hoards of these 20 to 30 pound fish rip and slash at schools of bait fish. If you can find the bait you can find the big redfish and the jacks without too much trouble.                                     

When Fly Guides Attack episode 2

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