Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Good day

I took Kyle from Uptown Angler fly shop in New Orleans fly fishing. The morning started out slow with water 6-8 inches into the marsh grass. Louisiana redfish hate high water so they sit on the bottom and don't move. This is obviously a real problem for sight fishing. We busted fish out of their hibernation state only to see their wakes running from the boat. About 10:30 the slack tide began to move a little and so did the fish. Redfish, sharks, and Black drum became more active. Kyle caught a few reds and this large black drum in the pictures. We did not see a lot of fish but some we did see were monsters.
This was Kyle's first time saltwater fly fishing and he did quite well spotting the fish. Although not plentiful, shots were becoming more frequent. Kyle had other engagements and a thunderstorm arose between the boat and the dock. I turned the boat Southwest and skirted the storm for the run home.  I basically considered the day a failure. Upon returning to the dock I realized Kyle was grinning the whole time. He had thoroughly enjoyed his first outing and just casting at one bull red crashing a bank 40 feet from the boat was plenty of excitement for him. (I missed getting this on video of coarse.)   

I had lost perspective. The client was happy. We did not get drenched running home. He was about to take his son to play football.  Kyle landed 3 reds and a big black on his first outing. He had a good day and that's what matters.


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