Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer School begins

Tagging some fish
Summer time sight fishing patterns have arrived. The Mississippi River has fallen to the critical stage where dirty fresh water no longer inundates the southern salt water fishing grounds. Our eastern marsh is largely unaffected by the mighty Mississippi. The flats on islands outside the marsh will have fairly clear water exposing the monster bull reds. We are finding some pretty good numbers of fish. This cycle should only get better as the River subsides and September approaches.

Lucas with a nice summer time bull redfish
The large schools of big reds and black drum are beginning to appear. I have even seen a few schools of Jack Cravelle. The Jacks crash mullet on top making them susceptible to large poppers and fast moving tarpon style flies. Once hooked these 35 pound fish take line so fast your hands will get line burned before the line can hit the reel. Your fly reel's drag will be tested as one hundred yard runs are common. I general have to crank the motor to chase hooked fish while an hour long fight ensues.    
Soon these fish will be easy pickings on deep flats.

Black drum caught tailing in shallows
Finding these big schools of reds can be difficult in poor weather conditions. Low winds and lots of sun are the Louisiana fly fisherman's best friend. Usually big redfish hang around the schools of lethargic Black drum. The Black drum feed on the bottom creating plumes of mud in the clear water. Bait flees the big nasty drum and bull redfish lurk on the outer edges looking for an easy meal. Louisiana Redfish are notoriously lazy. The bull redfish will float to the surface and meander slowly. This habit makes the fish easy to see sight fishing targets. Put the fly on one's nose and he cant resist accelerating, mouth agape in a predatory frenzy.

My three favorite fishing months September-November are approaching. We are already on track for a spectacular year. Treat yourself by coming down to New Orleans for the three f's. Food fun and fishing!