Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Giants on the shores

September has finally arrived. Temperatures are no longer going above 90 degrees for the high. The bull redfish have spawned for the most part. Now the big girls are swimming deep shorelines looking to replenish their girth. I am seeing way more 20+ pound fish than last year. I am not sure if the fishing is better or my tactics have changed but it doesn't matter. It is great to see so many big fish.

I am currently enjoying the filming aspect of my business. I always wished the world could see my fishing adventures. There are so many incredible sights out in the marsh and a still camera just doesn't catch the essence. I get some good footage but I miss a lot of the action. Oh well the camera can not run all the time. 

Bulls of Summer video https://vimeo.com/73712470
My last two trips have been spectacular. September 1 I sighted at least 25 bull redfish. Every stop would yield 4 or 5 good shots at high quality fish. September 2 was great too. I did not see near as many fish but there were still plenty of giants on the shores.

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