Sunday, October 18, 2015

Louisiana fly fishing report Mid October 2015

Well this has been an amazing week for fly fishing in the Louisiana marsh. Perfect weather and good tides have produced some an abundance of shots on bull redfish. The winds are now at 20 knots and the easy days are over for the foreseeable future.
I am confident the first calm day after this stretch will once again produced massive quantities of hungry crawling redfish. Even in poor conditions I will find fish. They just are not on every bank and in every nook and cranny.
The brief rest is not entirely unwelcome. My body aches and some down time is required to catch up on daily chores. A couple of days rest will do me good.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Louisiana fly fishing report October 2015

Now the fishing is easy. Everywhere  you go you can find giant redfish on the banks. The schools have broken into singles and swim deep banks searching for food. It really does not take much to find good quantities of fish.
I am really not impressed with my new Beavertail Strike skiff. My old boat was superior. The customer service I received from Will and Liz at Beavertail is unacceptable at best. I have and affinity for antiques. Perhaps I should have just stayed with the Morejohn skiff.
There are still openings in November if you want to book the trip of a lifetime. Any day I can get out there is producing.
 Call 504-452-0550 for more information