Tuesday, March 4, 2014

End of February 2014 fly fishing report

The month of February in Louisiana is notorious for tough sight fishing conditions. This year the storms just wont quit. Another ice storm is pounding the Gulf coast as I write. This makes four in the past month. This weather is wrecking my fishing grounds clear water and puts the fish down.

It is Mardi Gras day in Bayou Big Easy. I cant believe throngs of tourists are out in 30 degree rainy weather. Never the less they endure the misery to catch the illusive beads thrown from the multicolor floats. I never understood why they are called floats until today. They should trade in tractors that pull the floats for a go devil outboard motor.

Fishing has been productive on the fishable days. There are plenty of fish out there. In fact the actual numbers boggle the mind. Perhaps this will mean a better than average March for the Biloxi marsh. I will hunker down for a few more days until the current weather system passes. Then all will start anew with good tides and tight lines.

Here is your video for the end of February.

    Overkill:        https://vimeo.com/87838003               

Captain John Iverson