Friday, August 9, 2013

Giants down under for Michael

                                        Michael came to New Orleans from Australia to fly fish the world class Louisiana marsh. The winds blew hard that day and a heavy thunderstorm came through the night before. This clouded the water which caused us to see less fish than usual. The redfish we did see were of tremendous quality. The big boys were tucked up tight on the rare  to find calm banks.                                                                                                                     
Black drum were fairly abundant. These fish are not my favorite species. They are a nasty beast, however they are huge and should be included on any fly fisherman's bucket list. All my clients enjoy casting at those massive tails flailing in the breeze.

Michael lives in North Australia near the under developed giant bonefish area. He explained the routine for their the big bones. From his accounts the fish are larger but wade fishing the Bahamas is much more fun. Most cast he explained are at flashes 15 feet deep. No tails and no wakes just deep bonefish. 

To see Michael's video (Giants Down Under)
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