Friday, December 20, 2013

Low winds High redfish

This was one of those special weeks with low water lots of sun and no wind. The cold weather seems to get the big redfish to float on the surface offering themselves to clients. Frisky bulls swim slowly looking for the opportunity to crush anything in their path. It is a fly fishing guides dream to watch clients get frustrated or delighted depending on their cast. 

Multiple shots on multiple floaters is standard operating procedure as of late. The gin clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico glisten blue showing off four foot deep oyster beds. The bull reds are swimming inches deep appear in the distance allowing me to pole into position. If an accurate cast is present the eat is almost certain.

I have broken two fly rods and lost a gopro this week. Normally that would seem like a bad thing but the week was so much fun nothing dampened my sprits. Here is a video from last week I simply have to much footage to finish this weeks video.




Sunday, December 8, 2013


We have had some crappy weather as of late. This did not deter the bull redfish from floating to the surface and eating our flies. The fish are cooperating in spectacular fashion. When we do get good weather conditions fly fishing is absolutely amazing. Seeing tons of giant redfish a day is a quite the rush.

Giant redfish appear in the gin clear shallows. Clients claim their heart begins to pound and knees begin to shake. All their focus is on the fish as flies swish by my head. I am getting so much footage that the majority does not make it to my video's.

This is definitely the job for me. I love chasing these big fish and watching them eat. I am privileged and honored to have such a life. This is way more fun than a real job.

This weeks video is called WHAKED. If you look closely you can see a client whack me with a fly as he casts at a 30 pound bull Louisiana redfish. He actually hit me twice but the footage was too long for the video. I picked up a fly rod and whaked a few which was a rare treat. We will save that for the next blog.