Friday, August 2, 2013

When Fly Guides Attack

Drew and Brittney booked their half day of Louisiana sightfishig. The Biloxi marsh's shallow oyster flats are literally teaming with redfish. Multiple shots are around every corner. It is actually hard to explain the abundance of fish. I cant seem to stop anywhere without seeing nested up crawlers and wakes. The fishing is so amazing I feel like a giant among men as I run my skiff to the outside islands. Seeing 100+ fish in a few hours does not last forever. There are even some pigs in the 20+ pound range guarding the openings of the banks. Eventually the tides will turn slack and the fish will become more scarce. When this happens a good guide is your best defense. If you ever wanted to try this sport now, I mean right now, is the perfect time. Fly fishing does not get easier than this.

Brittney never held a fly rod before today. She landed 4 nice reds and had one break off.
See her video at

Rocky and I hooked up to make a video of the massive numbers of redfish. We searched for some donkey's (20+ lbs) for a while to no avail. Plan B was put into effect so we headed east of the MRGO.  
Once again every hole was alive with bait and redfish. We managed the holes by staying back from their nest. This allowed us to pull multiple fish from each spot. Check out this video, it rocks.

When Fly Guides Attack:

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