Monday, February 23, 2015

Louisiana fly fishing report January February 2015

Ah the month's of January and February in Louisiana. Winter is in full swing for our neck of the woods. As usual the tail end of artic fronts sweep our state. Tough conditions for sight fishing to say the least. On special days, generally when a High pressure system floats over New Orleans way, the fishing is easy. Warmer stable weather patterns also produce great days for a fly. The big fish are still here until the winds of spring blow out our clear waters of the inside marsh.

 Rocky and I loaded up and went to the Beavertail Skiffs factory. I saw the unsung hero's of our passion. They toil for our enjoyment producing the tools of the trade.

The bays and ponds on the inside marsh that are not directly connected to the outside waters hold fish. The big fronts bring big winds which can blow out even the most protected areas. Sometimes I have retreated to small duck ponds in order to find big fish in clean water. Ponds may be small so patience is key. Silent entry, quiet polling, and please don't shake the skiff when you cast. Pond fish don't move constantly and spotting them motionless on the bottom does require a bit of skill.

Banks of the inside bays are worth a look see. Most days we have an incoming tide. Keep this in mind when searching. The fish are generally in the same area but may prefer a different bank for incoming tides. Certain flats are always good. If the water is blown out on the flat I idle across with the Yamaha instead of polling. If the fish are there you will see them move.  

Happy hunting:
Captain John Iverson