Friday, May 17, 2013

Mid May 2013

Ferry Crossing
I just finished fishing/guiding 5 days in a row. I am sore and a little beat up from all the polling. The first day I fished Hopedale on the east side of the river. After fishing I jumped on the ferry crossing the Mississippi river west to fish for Cajun fishing adventures the last 4 days.This is a great lodge in Buras with super friendly staff and a terrific piece of marsh across the street. I cant wait return for my next set of bookings in October.

We did really well the first day. The clients mother purchased the trip as a college graduation present. We landed about a dozen redfish. The fish displayed  spectacular colors and appeared to be fat and happy. Those college boys really enjoyed mom's gift and should have fond life long memories of that day.

Cajun fishing adventures at dawn

The last 4 days were spent at the lodge in Buras Louisiana. The 5 clients rotated between the 3 guides. They all loved our marsh. Fish were fairly easy to find. I located a stretch of bank holding 20+ pound bull redfish. Man this bank did not disappoint. Day after day it held big fish. Bulls were floating up left and right. I was constantly barking the clock position and distance to the fish. Shot after shot was taken but these boys never hooked a pig. The eat zone was elusive and never got full crossed. Good natured ribbing and catch phrases swarmed my boat for days. This was an absolutely incredible week.

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