Sunday, September 22, 2013


This morning there was a chill in the air whispering hints that the fall season approaches. Soon the waters of the Biloxi Marsh will become clear enough to see 3 feet deep. The prime season for bull redfish is close at hand. High east winds and clouds are the normal weather pattern at the moment. This pattern pushes water into the marsh causing extremely high tides. Louisiana redfish sit on the bottom during these conditions making sight fishing difficult. There are plenty of fish out there but weather conditions caused me to cancel multiple trips. Any day I can fish is producing a great number of shots.

End of summer video
I am going to take one last vacation before the fury of trips begins in October. October is generally a great month with cooler weather, no bugs, and light winds. My skiff is prepped and my Bronco is sound. In a week or two more the explosion of fish should begin. The year started off with a bang and we should all prey to the fish gods for a continuation of this bounty.

Ancient  North shore Oak
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