Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Hopedale Redfish Report

Late January 2013

This week in the Biloxi Marsh proved difficult for many of the area's guides. The redfish were cold, sluggish and not on the move. I found the pattern and saw plenty of fish. Not all the fish were cooperative but good numbers produced lots of shots and some great hook ups. The fish wanted to lay in calm water with lots of sunshine to warm thier bodies.
The 22 pounder with the heart shaped tail spot is one of my favorite photos. It was caught with its tail waving in the wind at the entrance to an oyster reef filled pond. I called the fish tail flicking at 50 yards. Client Gary Peters did not pick up the bull redfish untill that entire tail was out of the water waving back at him as if to say "Hey look at me, I am over here." We lost the fish momentarily. Gary made a fine cast and boom the line went completely tight. The fish began to run and I saw a problem. The fly line was of coarse wrapped at the reel. We were sure to lose this beauty. Luckily his partner made quick work of the situation and for that moment murphy's law was defeated. Needless to say a lengthy tug of war ensued. The results are in and Gary landed his first redfish on fly.
Fishing with the Stubbs brothers John and Ken was an absolute joy. They are from my home town of Monroe Louisiana so I could relate to their stories. We had alot in common such as people and places. It was a beautiful day with plenty of shots. John was new to the sport but proved pretty deadly with his short casts producing this fine 12 pounder. I was having such a good time showing them the sites and seeing all those fish that I forgot to make a long run to the islands outside of the marsh. All worked out fine. By the end of the day we had seen well over 100 fish. Not bad for a week that had alot of guides crying in thier beer because the fish were not "active".   Book a Redfish Charter with me now to catch fish.

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