Monday, January 28, 2013

End of January 2013 trip one

This week was absolutely amazing. Giant redfish were everywhere and all good guides were reaping the bounty. Perfect weather and tides are rare this time of year. The week had it all which leads to unbelievable fly fishing in the Biloxi Marsh. May we all bow our heads in a moment of silence to thank the fly fishing gods for these last few days. This week was the premier week of the year. If you missed it too bad, there is always next year. Fly fishing guide's live for days like these. Life just does not get any better.

Giant redfish on the surface

I took Brian S. out for his day on the water. He was in New Orleans to fish after he spent four days with Harry Boyd of learning to make bamboo fly rods. I knew the conditions were spectacular for catching Bull redfish. I could not tell Brian due to my superstition about bragging on how the day may be a great one. Unbelievably nice and polite, Brian had no idea of the events that were to unfold on that glorious January morning.

I qualified Brian over breakfast. He was obviously concerned about his casting ability. He preferred getting lots of shots over chasing big bull redfish. Ever the accommodating type I had no problem with this. We began the day fishing drains that opened up into the large bays. Fish were abundant but spooky within Brian's casting range. He missed a few hook sets and busted out a lot of fish. He was having more than his share of difficulties getting the fly into the Nerf ball sized strike zone of the redfish. As the day wore on he got better and caught a few redfish.

I decided Brian had sufficient practice. I came out of a drain opening flat and Brian got off the octagon casting platform to put down his fly rod. I explained to him we were about to look for the big boys in deeper water and to remount. He had barely closed the platform's gate door when I saw several giant redfish within his range. Brain probably cast at six or seven fish but only had two follow the fly. He casted one more time and I saw a big boy rise from the depths its gills flare as she ate that chartreuse crab pattern. 

I screamed excitedly "He ate it" which seem to be my catch pharse pardon the pun. Brian later admitted he did not recognize the fish had eaten and was happy I called the strike. The fish was on and pulling the boat into open water which was OK by me. After 2 or 3 times into the fly reel's backing and  30 minuets or so I hand landed a 22 pounder to Brian's absolute delight. Brian later wrote " Thanks for the best 30 min this old boy has had in along time. I've never caught a fish that fought better. Great Job thanks Brian."


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