Monday, January 28, 2013

End of January second trip Murpy's law works overtime

Morning run perfect weather
Once again the weather was perfect. Some of my gin clear water was now tinted. The big bull redfish were out in huge numbers. It was a glorious day to be alive and guiding in the Biloxi Marsh. Today D Gallagher was on deck. After the last trips smashing success, my confidence was at an all time high. The day proved to be one of the best days of the year.

I began the trip by polling a tried and true bank that always holds big redfish. With the sun and the wind at my back I was in guide heaven. There were 2 or 3 big fish  holding on every point that had shallow water out to 20 yards from the bank. I began to key on these points because the spaces in between only produced a few shots for a lot of polling.

The client was casting pretty well but so far no eaters. We idled up on the next point and saw suspended bull redfish everywhere. After a few shots Gallagher was hooked up and into the reels backing. The big bull was on and pulling hard. Suddenly the rod went straight. The fish was gone. I looked around and could see the floating fly line moving up wind on its own. The backing knot had come loose from the fly line. Gallaghar had the new backing and fly line replaced for the trip at a fly shop called TCO. He later informed me the guy who tied the knot wrote a book on fly tying knots. This lends credence to the adage Those who cant do should teach. Do not believe everything you read or the person that wrote it. 

We chased down the fly line and the fish was still on. I attempted to tie to the backing  but Murphy's law would have its way. Gallaghar attempted to hand land using the fly line but the fish was just too big and broke the leader. Defeated we motored over to the same spot for round two.

Tailing redfish
 Sure enough fish were still on the point. After two casts we had an eater. The fish was making good runs and my backing knot of coarse held. After about 20 minutes of major fighting the bull redfish came to the boat for its photo shoot. The rest of the bank produced well over 20 shots at bulls in 15 minuets. This is a personal best for me. The shots were extremely close within 15 feet. This type of shot is the most difficult for all clients. I changed tactics and polled closer to the bank in cleaner water.

Hooked up

There were fish near the bank but not in the huge numbers. The deeper tinted water held the most fish but they were not conducive for my client's abilities. I called one at 40 feet and a good cast ensued. A massive hook set snapped the tippet just below the knot. These big fish don't move and too much pressure will break 20 pound tippet. Oh well all in all a great day!


Nice one!!


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