Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Louisiana fly fishing report December 2014

December fly fishing in Louisiana is probably my favorite month. The Florida guides have left leaving the fish unmolested for the native fly fishermen. I can not tell you how many times I have seen these interlopers run over big fish to fish the slot fish near the banks. Big fish do not like to be disturbed. It does not take much pressure and the bulls run for cover out of sight fishing reach.
The bigger fish have moved into the ponds at the edge of the marsh. They are basically in shallow areas where you normally find slot fish. There is one in almost every pond so patients is key. Poll slowly and wait. These fish are cold and don't move very much. A calm slow approach the area is much more effective than the run and gun attitude of warmer months.
Peanut butter patters are working well. The fish want to look up and see a big meal. Right now they are lethargic and conserve energy where they can. Large flies on the surface are producing heart pounding slow motion eats. Fish slow and poll silent on sallow flats and work the mud ponds for best results.

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