Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mid November Louisiana fly fishing report

The Louisiana marsh south of New Orleans is no doubt a fly fisherman's dream. Huge cold fronts moved Artic air over the south. Colder temperatures cool and clear the waters of the marsh. Big redfish become much easier to spot in the gin clear shallows.

This time of year the bull reds move into more protected waters. Lounging lazily on the bottom waiting for an easy meal. Once the tide begins to move entire schools go on the hunt. Acres of fish maraud the flats. Finding the redfish is simple because they general mix in with hundreds of black drum. Find the black drum and your day is amazing.

December is my favorite month. Most of the non native guides leave the area to head home. With very few fly fisherman on the water the bull reds are free to congregate without molestation. This allows me to better control which fish I rotate into my route.

There is not a better time to fly fish than right now. If you have been planning a trip December is a great month. Email me for availability.

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