Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mid April

The fishing this week has been spectacular. High winds have devastated the clear water outside the main marsh. Gin clear water can still be found in small protected areas that are not well connected to the outside. These areas must also dead end which keeps tide flow minimal. Follow the crab trap strings until they end, find the snot grass and follow it as far back as you can. This is where you will discover bio masses of aggressive redfish.

The crystal clear water produces amazing colors on redfish. They have two basic shades, copper and dark brown with a deep red sheen. The dark brown redfish are so red they appear to blush.                                                                   The camera can barley do them justice. Spotting fish is easy because their pectorals actually glow with a orangey pink hue.

The fish have been extremely cooperative. It is not uncommon for them to surge at the fly and make crushing strikes. On this pattern even the most novice fly fisherman feels like superman. The redfish are practically jumping out of the water to inhale flies.

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