Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bonefish teaser

Early summer for me means that it is time for the annual mother ship Bahamas bonefishing trip. My memories recall beautiful images of the dancing nervous waters covering schools a 100 bonefish strong headed directly at me. I love stalk wading across conch laden turtle grass and coral sundrenched flats. Perhaps  a 15 pounder with it's tail glistening in the midmorning sunlight, will dare me to put a mantis shrimp fly anywhere close. Currently the departure date is May 4. Trust me when I say the trip is so much fun that my life as a fly fishing guide is absolutely mundane in comparison. We are talking truly  relaxgasmic.
The 64 foot Hatteras Angler Em motor Yacht/fish has too many amenities to list but for our purposes the highlights include:

A 16 foot Mitzi skiff with 70 hp Mercury cradled behind the fly bridge.

A 12 foot Carolina skiff with 20 hp Yamaha in tow.

Complete conventional fishing gear selection from deep sea to light tackle.

Complete spearfishing and scuba gear for 3 people.

Two sea kayaks.

Kite board gear.

Oh yea and the well stocked bar.

I had a 10 year culinary career, but we generally wind up eating freshly caught conch salad and grilled fish almost every meal. Uncork a bottle of good wine and Boom you are ready to sit on the bow cushions and do absolutely nothing all night long. As a change of pace we may stop at an outer island bar/restaurant for the amusing 20 dollar cheese burger. Each person of our 3 man crew has their own room with a head. I vote we sail to the Jolters and North Andros staying well out of the range of  any lodge skiffs. Let us now bow our heads and pray to the fishing gods for light morning ocean breezes and tight lines.

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