Monday, August 11, 2014

Bull Redfish Crawling

24 pound beauty
The past couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing. Huge bull redfish are crawling on the banks of the outer islands. Jacks are also abundant when the tide is pushing hard. The outside islands water is fairly clear making the redfish stand out. Some of these big fish are sticking their backs out of the water. I can easily spot these fish up to 100 yards out as they crash bait along the shallow banks.
Nice 30 pound fish with no spots
Same 30 pound no spot fish about 40 inches long
To find the big redfish is fairly easy right now. Calm banks holding tons of bait fish seem to be the key. The fish swim tight to the shores smashing anything that moves. New Orleans is in a summer weather pattern. Storms flare up in the afternoon, dump their rain, then dissipate. Low light levels are common but when these fish crawl you could spot them by moonlight.
36 Pound fish 43 1/2 inces
The Jacks are on the move also. Birds like frigates and gulls hover working for the leftovers. This makes Jacks easy to spot from a distance. I can idle in close then drift into their path. The jacks are generally in a frenzy so any fly striped at high speed will get crushed. As long as the tide is moving giant schools of these silver behemoths can be seen working the surface.
The fishing is extremely easy right now. Any one with a 30 foot casting range can play this sport with success. As soon as the full moon tides settle I will get out there for more carnage. There is plenty of footage for a new video. I cant wait to show everyone some these amazing sites.  

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